Workshops using role-playing actors

For sessions on Managing Performance, Tackling Difficult Conversations and Appraisal Skills, I offer participants the chance to work with experienced, role-playing actors. This workshop would include:
A Forum Theatre Scenario – a realistic, relevant situation, e.g. a manager having a performance management meeting, dealing with a stroppy customer. Workshop participants observe the scene and we can then re-play the conversation, with the delegates directing the actors to handle it more effectively.
Individuals’ challenging situations – the delegate outlines their conversation and “has the conversation” with the actor in a safe, constructive environment. They can then unpick what’s worked well and what they could do differently and re-do the conversation.
Feedback for these sessions is extremely positive: “the course was perfect”, “I was quite nervous but found it really useful and I learned a lot”.
Here’s feedback from counsellors and mental health practitioners who participated in a workshop on “Dealing with Aggressive Clients”:
“Brilliant. Good way to learn. Highly interactive. Really recommend this format for a range of training”
“Thoroughly enjoyed this style of learning. The scenarios were realistic which made the whole experience really life like. Jamie was brilliant at the acting and Lucy at delivering the session.”
“Excellent, appropriate and helpful. This is the way to go! “

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