TrapezeI come to each facilitation project with a fresh perspective. I plan and facilitate team and leadership events that hit the spot. This can involve enabling a group to to work together more effectively, tackle thorny issues, develop their strategy. I’ve been facilitating big and small development events since 2000. That’s when I started to work as a facilitator on the BBC’s award-winning leadership programme with Ashridge. I then went on to facilitate numerous team building and development events at Sheffield Hallam University. And, since setting up Lucy Owens Coaching, my facilitation work has included:

  • Facilitating partnership working between public and private sector leadership teams
  • Designing and facilitating a creative research retreat for engineering academics
  • Enhancing effective collaboration for an executive team
  • Running a Scenario Planning session for a Leadership Forum at a Russell Group University
  • Helping a couple of artists work out the direction for their creative work
  • Hosting conversations about careers in the 21st century at the Ideas Xchange


So what do my Clients have to say about me?

Lucy Owens has been our lead consultant on the training and development provision for the hugely successful RISE Sheffield graduate internship scheme since August 2014. Lucy’s role involved engaging with regional SMEs to support both them and the placed graduates, designing and delivering induction and CPD events. Lucy is an excellent facilitator and coach, with a strong focus on supporting individuals to learn and grown, who continuously received excellent feedback

Rebecca Fielding,

Managing Director and Project Lead for RISE Sheffield, Gradconsult

We felt flummoxed before Lucy worked with us. She helped us focus on what we actually, really wanted to do, rather than getting side-tracked all the time. At the time, I wanted her to tell us what to do, but I know that what Lucy did was much more effective – she enabled us to work out what to do for the best and to crack on with it. After the session, I felt a lot lighter – none of the other baggage was dragging me down. I’m now much more positive about pursuing the kind of creative work that I like best.”

Strategy session for two artists

If the team were a patient, the therapy has worked. Lucy kept her mind on the flow of the event. She conceptualised and abstracted from the information coming her way. She was unapologetic about doing her facilitation job. And she didn’t sit above the group.

Pro Vice Chancellor, Russell Group University

It all starts with a phone call to discuss your goals and challenges and how I can help get you there.

Contact me by emailing lucyowenscoaching@gmail.com or phoning 07970 485767 to discuss your training needs.